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With a self-funded health plan, the employer pays claims with its own funds and an insurance company solely performs the administrative work of processing claims.

In contrast, an employer with a fully insured plan contracts with an insurance company and the insurance company administers and funds claims.

In contrast, fully insured plans are subject to state and federal law, including state law insurance mandates.

Atwater pushed for the Legislature to pass the measure this year after saying that many insurance companies were deliberately shielding themselves from knowledge that policy holders had died so they wouldn't have to pay beneficiaries. Social Security Administration's Death Master File to locate life and annuity beneficiaries although many have used the file to stop making annuity payments.

These clauses appear to be innocuous, or even beneficial, to consumers and employees, but they pack a powerful punch.

They prevent customers and employees from going to court if they have a dispute.

"By resisting pro-consumer changes across the country, the industry has earned millions in interest on unpaid policies.

It is outrageous to tell the policy-holding public that fulfilling the promises that were made to consumers is an undue financial burden."A combined 2 million has been paid out since a multistate probe found life-insurance companies were sitting on billions of dollars that should have gone to beneficiaries.

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