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Indian dating bay area

Then, when summer ends, the weather finally heats up Okay, so considering we’re in a drought, it might be a little gauche to brag about how it doesn’t rain in SF in September and October, but our point is that summer everywhere else seems to be full of unexpected thunderstorms that send you scrambling to grab your pool floats and towels before taking cover inside. But our humidity is nothing like that “WTF I can’t breathe and I’ve literally been outside for 30 seconds and I’m sweating in some really weird places right now” humidity they have during summer on the East Coast and in the South.That’s right: SF Indian summer is never "sweating in some really weird places right now" hot.And if that’s not winning, we don’t want to know what is.If Goldilocks were to attend summer festivals, she’d find Coachella “toooooo hot” and Outside Lands “toooooo cold” and then she’d wait a few months go to Treasure Island in October, declare it “just right! Do we eat ice cream even when it’s 50 degrees and foggy because we’re gluttonous hedonists? But SF’s ice cream tastes even sweeter when everywhere else is “enjoying” apple-picking weather.An authentic Tandoori oven and specialty crafted spices bring theflavors of India straight to every plate.Within walking distance of major hotels and Union Square, the word of New Delhi Restaurant's authentic fare has spread far: from Bill Clinton to Julia Child, celebrities, Silicon Valley moguls, and politicians frequent the restaurant.Would this free concert in Golden Gate Park be so much fun no matter what? Is it even more fun ‘cause we can dance around in T-shirts and shorts in October? Drinking beer during Oktoberfest would be fun even if it were happening during an alien invasion, but do you know when beer tastes The Best? And you’re at Biergarten, admiring how nice the pile of unused blankets looks in the back. Life is rough, which means someone at some point is going to drag you to Opera in the Park.

Unfortunately, the plethora of single men in San Francisco doesn't mean finding a great guy to date will happen overnight, or even over the course of a year, for that matter. Men are also encountering the same problems while dating in SF. In my opinion, there seems to be an overall attitude and lifestyle in San Francisco that has made it almost impossible to date anyone in this city.

Everyone who isn't from here loves to bring up the not-actually-Mark Twain quote that goes "the coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco." And then September and October roll around and they get trapped in their homes due to polar vortexes and hurricanes while we're sitting in shorts and T-shirts drinking beers on our friend's friend's roof.

And that right there, that pretty much sums up why Indian summers* in SF are better than all other summers.

show more For over 24 years, New Delhi Restaurant has been serving a robust and flavorful menu fit for foodies from San Francisco to India.

With each meal and each dish, New Delhi Restaurant strives to uphold its long time reputation of extraordinary Indian cuisine elegantly served.

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