Invalidating car insurance true love dating site

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Invalidating car insurance

But what if you are uninsured but you don’t realise it?

Many people who think that they have car insurance cover still get caught out on technicalities and details, so it makes sense to check your policy thoroughly to make sure you are accurately covered.

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 makes owners responsible for the welfare of their animals, and this includes in the car or another vehicle.The high-profile deaths of actors Heath Ledger and David Carradine — both of which initially were thought to be suicides — have brought attention to a serious financial question: Can certain factors (such as suicide) invalidate a life insurance policy? The trouble starts with a few words known as “an exclusion” that may be found in a life insurance contract.An exclusion is a circumstance — such as a particular cause of death or an allegation of fraud — that invalidates a claim.What's more, if you're irresponsible with the way you transport your pet it could lead to an accident - and you may find that your actions mean you've invalidated your car insurance and/or pet insurance.Drivers who don't restrain their dogs and cats while on the move are not only breaking the law, they could also see their insurer not paying out if they were involved in an accident.

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