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I was modifying the BIOS without plugging in the laptop and the battery died.It was certainly a frustrating experience for me, so now I only go in there if I absolutely have to. After all, PC performance is often unaffected by your BIOS version. When confronted with issues, most PC users will try everything in the book without realizing their issues stem from an outdated BIOS.

My DV8T has a quad core i7 processor and the BIOS version was F.11.The battery only lasts about two and a half hours anyway, and there is no trouble reading the current charge left in the battery.I was hoping I’d eventually luck out and a kernel upgrade would magically start seeing the discharge rate. I didn’t have any reason to attempt to fix this problem until yesterday.A: There is no direct relationship between BIOS update and 3D improvement. A: In general, we do not suggest users to update VGA BIOS without card maker's help. The most often situations that may need BIOS updating are VESA failure, driver compatibility problem (exception occurs)and TV-OUT quality issue.Sometimes, it is possible to get it improved but it is pretty rare. A: If the applied BIOS can not match the character of your VGA card, you would encounter display problem. Therefore, it is suggested to keep one copy of the old BIOS when you plan to do it.

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I bought two more DV8T laptops last summer, one for each of my parents. Luckily for me, I have a VPN between here and my parents’ house.

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