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In the random-access file, you can specify the location to write data in or read data from using the position property of the File Stream class. 2.1 Write a program which reads date of birth and finds age and zodiac sun sign. To Char(j) s2 = a Else s2 = s2 s(i) End If Next Catch ex As Exception Console. Write Line("Lowercase of " & s1 & " is " & s2) End Try End Sub Public Sub str Title(By Val s As String) Dim s1, s2 As String Dim i, j As Integer Dim a As Char Dim f As Integer s1 = s f = 0 s2 = "" Try If Asc(s1(0)) = 65) And f = 0 Then a = s(i) j = asc(a) 32 a = Convert. Visual Basic Imports System Module m Sub main() Dim i, j As Integer Dim s(1), str, st As String i = 0 Do Console.writeline("Enter string") str = console.readline() If strcomp(str, "end") = 0 Then Exit Do Else Re Dim Preserve s(i 1) s(i) = str End If i = i 1 Loop For i=0 to ubound(s) For j=0 to ubound(s) If strcomp(s(i), s(j)) = 0) p = r.readline() End While c = ceaser(p, key) w.write("ceaser ciphertext: ") w.writeline(c) w.flush() w.close() console.write Line("ceaser cipher is done in given file") End Sub Function ceaser(By Val s As String, By Val k As Integer) As String Dim i, t As Integer Dim c As String c = "" For i = 0 To len(s) - 1 t = (k Mod 26) asc(s(i)) If (t 122) Then t = t - 26 c = c chr(t) Else c = c chr(t) End If Next Return c End Function End Module 2.7 Write a program to demonstrate the use of mybase and myclass.If the actual string contains fewer characters than the fixed length of the string element to which it is written, Visual Basic fills the trailing spaces in the record with blanks (character code 32).I'm studying Java, I wrote a Address book for practice. Then you can find an Address object, and a way to write it into the file.The collection of bytes may be interpreted, for example, as characters, words, lines, paragraphs and pages from a textual document; fields and records belonging to a database; or pixels from a graphical image.The meaning attached to a particular file is determined entirely by the data structures and operations used by a program to process the file.The information of every student contains student number and student name. If you find any error, please report it then we will take actions to correct it as soon as possible.

 The implicit program are shown as: Imports System Module m Sub main() Dim a, b As Integer Dim c As Double Console.writeline("Enter 2 integers") a = CInt(Console.readline()) b = CInt(console.readline()) c = a * b Console.

Move the clear instructions out of the clear button action Performed method into a clear Display() method and call clear Display() from the action Performed method.

File stores information for many purposes and retrieve whenever required by our programs.

 Imports System Module m Sub main() Dim a, b, c as integer Console.writeline ("Enter 2 numbers") a= console.readline() b= console.readline() c= a * b If c.typeof() is integer then Console.writeline (c) Else Console.writeline (get type () ) End if 2.3 Write a program which counts Interest = Pnr/100 and show in ##.00 format and also count Total Amount by P (Pnr/100), show in ##, ###.00 format.

The File System Object model does not provide random file creation or access methods.

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A record with one field corresponds to any standard type, such as an integer or fixed-length string.

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